What To Do When You’re Injured in a Car Accident

Anytime you are in a car accident, there is the chance of serious injuries. Have you been in a car accident in which you were injured and another driver’s neglect caused the accident? I spent weeks in the hospital recovering, and then using the legal system to make the responsible driver who caused my injuries to pay for medical bills and lost wages. I have learned much about the legal system and how it works. I have compiled everything that I thought could be helpful to others who are experiencing the same difficulties that I once did. Hopefully, it is all useful to you as you trudge through this difficult time.

Understanding The Yasmin Scare

Yasmin is a highly popular oral contraceptive produced by Bayer that has been creating quite a stir in the media lately. Multiple lawsuits have been filed by people claiming that the drug caused serious health problems, such as heart attack, stroke and even death. If...